Nuggets of Wisdom…

These are some one-liners (some two, maybe three) I’ve learned from the Holy Spirit, speakers at conferences, church or just in day to day conversation. I could use some prayer in my memory but I will give credit if I can remember who said any of these things. 

The enemy can’t destroy us, so he tries to distract us.

Hearing the voice of God, takes a personal, developed relationship.

You are the answer to someone’s prayer.

Some of the enemies tactics are deception and isolation.

Don’t get so emotionally attached to someone, you can’t hear from God.

Prayer changes things.

“Experience the tag-along effect. If you are not ready to step into your calling, tag-along with someone who is doing the thing that you want to. And you will still be blessed.”

Don’t waste your tests.- John Piper

Desire comes before manifestation.-Melva Henderson

There is no place for fear in your life. “Fear not” is used many, many, many times in the Bible.

The cross is sufficient, I can do no more or no less to gain eternal life.

God is God and you are not.

Success: Knowing the will of God for your life and then doing it.

In a marriage, you should be trying to out serve one another.

When you know God has called you to do something and it keeps showing up in different ways and if you haven’t done it, it’s conviction. But, when you are doing the thing that God has called you to do and it shows up in different ways, it’s confirmation.

There is an average of 5.5 Bibles in the American house… we should have no excuse as to why we don’t read our Bible.

Knowing that it wouldn’t be easy for us to mentally rest in the present, Jesus tells us this: “Do not be anxious about tomorrow” (Matthew 6:34).

God wants us to give our full attention to what is presently assigned us. We aren’t intended to divide our focus between today and tomorrow.

The Cross makes it possible for me, for you, to have an intimate relationship with God.

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