My Life is a Puzzle

My life is a puzzle. Except the tricky part is, I’m working without the picture of what the result will be, or the exact puzzle piece count. I’m even missing pieces. The pieces seeped out of my small hands when I tried to carry them all by my lonesome. They even busted the seams of... Continue Reading →

A Banquet and Feast

I’m having a banquet in my heart for you, A feast in my soul. The banquet will be loud with love, Bursting with joy. Some will stop, Ask the occasion, Ask how much to see you. You will come, Free of charge; A complete gift. The feast will smell so heavenly, Some will ask to... Continue Reading →

I Have a Best Friend

I have a best friend. He is the precise definition of a ride or die– without the die part because he doesn’t die. So we have just been riding. Riding the waves that he walks on and I stand at the shore and watch because my confidence gets shaky. These same waves I also begin... Continue Reading →

Water Doesn’t Faze You

Dear God, I know water doesn’t faze you You walk on that And storms don’t either Because you calm those But whenever overwhelming storms come, and tears that will make an ocean jealous soon follow; You and I, we go something like this… My eyes are open locked on yours I take one step into... Continue Reading →

Dear Joy,

Dear Joy, You’re like the sensation of tickling. The uncontrollable smile that creeps across my face just before I burst out in laughter — just before I have to beg whoever is tickling me to stop. Now that I know you, it’s hard to imagine my life without you. Whenever I’m down about a test... Continue Reading →

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