Tag: Reconciliation

Clear the Fog   

There are always decisions to be made – going or staying, spending or saving, harboring or letting go. To make correct decisions, we can make all the pros and cons lists in the world, ask everyone for their opinion and sleep on it for many nights, but when it comes down to it, we must…

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A Transformed Life

Recently, I watched a documentary about the Ketogenic diet. This diet is basically eating everything God has given us through nature. Processed, sugary and greasy foods are all off limits. Meats, vegetables, eggs, nuts and fruits are all up for grabs. The film detailed how this type of eating will change everyone’s life, no matter…

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The Necessity of Forgiveness

A few years ago, I settled in my heart to forgive someone I hated for about ten years. After years of thinking I had finally forgiven, I soon realized I still harbored hate for a person who was and is one of the most important people in my life. Unforgiveness proved to be a terrible…

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