Take Inventory of Your Life

Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 3

A little background: In the previous chapter, King Solomon just became king. In chapter 3 the story picks up as Solomon goes to Gibeon to sacrifice 1,000 burnt offerings to God. Solomon was a Bible character in the Old Testament, so he had to make animal sacrifices before Jesus came and became the perfect sacrifice for us.

Because it was wholly evident that Solomon loved God by showing great sacrifice, God rewarded him by appearing in a dream and allowing Solomon to ask and receive anything. Instead of asking for long life, riches or dead enemies, he unselfishly asks for wisdom. God, pleased by his answer, gave him not only wisdom but riches, honor, and long life (if he kept his commandments).

Solomon took inventory of his life, of his mind and spirit. He realized and admitted that he was immature and greatly needed wisdom to be a successful successor to the kingdom. Likewise, we need to push past our circumstances and deeply think about and make decisions that will edify our lives for the long haul and not just for instant gratification. Jesus says if you ask in His name it will be given to you (John 14: 12-14, Matthew 7:7). So, we must take inventory of our lives with the help of the Holy Spirit, who leads and guides, to more effectively pray and ask for things such as wisdom (James 1:5).

After Solomon had that life-changing talk with God, he went right back and sacrificed some more. He didn’t have the attitude, “I made it, I get my wisdom, riches, honor and long life.” Instead, he continued to do what took him higher in the first place, what gave him that conversation with God in the first place. Faith without works is dead and part of that work is sacrifice. Solomon would not have been as wise or successful throughout his reign if he had not first laid his foundation with God through sacrifice and selflessness.

Take inventory of your life, see where you have been selfish and where you keep getting it wrong. Then, get alone with God for a few moments and pray for wisdom to have discernment in your life. God loves you and is waiting to hear from you.


Three-Min. Devotionals

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