Dear Joy,

Dear Joy,

You’re like the sensation of tickling. The uncontrollable smile that creeps across my face just before I burst out in laughter — just before I have to beg whoever is tickling me to stop.

Now that I know you, it’s hard to imagine my life without you.

Whenever I’m down about a test grade (that I probably didn’t study for), or a breakup (that my mom warned me would happen), or a meal turning out bad (happens often) you never let my smile turn all the way downwards before you pop back up. This is how I know you’re different than any of the company you keep like Happy or Cheerful. I’m not sure why you hang around them anyway.

They seem so temporary and you seem to deeply stain whatever you touch.

Nothing can get you out.

Not the strongest bleach, the roughest sticks and stones, or the harshest words.

You should hang around more people like your mom, Permanence or your dad, Supernatural. But then again who am I to tell you who to hang out with, you seem just fine, I just hope you know your worth. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

My life has changed since you walked in.

I tried to find you at the bottom of bottles, live parties, straightened hair, make-up, piercings, tattoos, high GPA, and all the rest of this world’s ploys. But these things could never sustain me for long, and soon I was back on the endless prowl to find the next fake version of you. But that search came to a screeching halt when I found you in my best friend, Jesus. With all the ups and downs of life that can so easily take you away, I thank you for never abandoning me.

I guess you really are a permanent stain.

You keep the smile plastered on my face day in and day out. Even in situations where I thought you fled the scene, you were always by my side as an ever-present help in times of trouble.

Often I wake up and just smile.

It’s like you’re laying right next to me and before I roll over to check my phone, you’re the first thing I see. When I think about my testimony and how Jesus removed my sin and replaced it with grace and truth and secured my name in the book of life, I can’t help but want to reach for your hand and never let it go.

How can I not be in love with you, Joy?

Because I have you, earthly things don’t phase me but when they try to, I know you have my back, my front, my left side, my right side, my head and my toes. You never disappoint, you never fall short and you never end. I see more and more every day why people say you look so much like your best friend, Love. What you bring to me is true and deep enough that the world can’t take it away. I have no good apart from God, but with Him, I have great things and you surely are a great thing.

If I were a dog, my tail, it would fiercely wag every time I saw you.

If I were a flower, I would grow to new heights with just a drop of your water. If we were both frogs, I’d try to catch as many flies as frogley possible to begin to show my appreciation for you. However, I’m none of these. So as me, I will show you off to everyone, hoping they too, will find you in Jesus, like I did.

Dear Joy,

Thank you.


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