An Example of Faith: Esther

Scripture Reading: Esther 2

Life seems to deal a great amount of competition and growing up my world was no different. Whether it was sports teams, college admissions, grades, internship offers, job promotions, etc., with each year of my life, competition increased.

Esther also knew all too well the competition that looms behind every door. The pages in the book of Esther details her journey to become the next queen. Even though a multitude of women were gunning for this spot, what was for Esther was for Esther. No matter how many trials Esther faced, that position belonged to her.

Scripture, loudly and clearly, specifies the importance of not dwelling on how it looks, but on what faith tells us is true (Hebrews 11:1). Then, we wait for the manifestation. The wait and manifestation of God’s process brings refinement of character.

Esther was given a great situation in which to excel. It was up to her if she would give her all. Faithlessness, being overwhelmed by competition and giving up would have thrust the position right out her life. If we make the conscious decision to accept the position God trusts us with and serve as if for the Lord, there is no other outcome but greatness (Ephesians 6:7).  

For more on Esther’s powerful story read Esther chapters 1-10.

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