Be You… Even in Worship.

Most worship music will have me out of my seat, hands lifted, eyes closed, singing along quietly or silently praying. Last weekend, I attended Women in Worship and I worshiped the same way I always did, only this time it felt fake. As I was standing there being real with myself about this feeling, the speaker said, “You can’t manufacturer an anointing.” My soul leaped like, boom girl! There it is! It felt like I was trying to create this amazing worship experience for myself and each time I would get up, hands lifted, waiting for God to speak to my heart or show me a vision, that experience fell flat. I was missing something. As this realization is traveling through my mind, the worship team begins another song. I’m still standing there looking around at all the women, praising and worshiping God in their own way and I wanted join in and do the same.

In that moment, I began to dance as if I was in my room listening to the same song. In that moment, I dropped my hands a little lower and hit some moves like I was dancing with God- just Him and I. I danced with a gratefulness and fullness that God would send his son, Jesus, from heaven to show me the way to eternal life. I danced with a joy that no matter what my situation looked like right now, I knew by faith that all of the victory and the promises in the Bible were mine. I did a little shoulder lean, I clapped, I rocked with some attitude, I moved my hips (a little) and man did it feel amazing. That was one of the most amazing worship sessions I have had in a space with other believers. God spoke to me during that worship and I am forever grateful that we serve a God who does not look at worship through one lens. All worship with a pure heart pleases God and when I stopped worshiping in a manufactured or habitual way and started praising naturally, a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt free.

You were meant to live a victorious life and worship is part of that victory. So, be you, everyone else is taken (cliché I know). God made you fearfully and wonderfully you. You were born to be yourself in everything and that includes your worship style.

Three-Min. Devotionals

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